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Cisco switch doesn't report failed power supply via snmp

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Cisco switch doesn't report failed power supply via snmp


I am a new user and am in the process of setting my system up.  I bought Opsview Pro 100 version 4.4.1  I am monitoring several Cisco WS-C4900M switches, among other things.  I thought I'd start workign with the switches first.  I enabled snmp on one switch with the following settings:

Switch> enable

Switch# configure terminal Switch(config)#snmp-server chassis-id Switchxx Switch(config)# snmp-server community public Switch(config)# snmp-server enable traps snmp Switch(config)# snmp-server host version 2c public Switch(config)#exit


I went into Opsview and added the switches using the Network-Cisco Host Template.  On one switch (the one I setup with snmp), I clicked on the SNMP tab and checked the "Enable SNMP" checkbox, selected version v2c, left the port at 161 and added the SNMP community.  I then clicked on the "Test SNMP connection", which was successful.

I noticed in monitoring that switch, I was seeing green for the CPU load average and the Memory status items.  The other switch had "unknown" for these items because snmp was not communicating properly (as expected - I did not set it up yet).

I thought I'd simulate a hardware failure to see if it was reported; I unplugged one power supply.  The switch front panel reflected the loss of power on one PS.  The error was never rippled back to Opsview; the Opsview status stayed green.

What am I doing wrong?



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Re: Cisco switch doesn't report failed power supply via snmp


You will need to either setup a trap in Opsview (New service check, SNMP Trap) then edit the rules.


Or, you will need a new service check (SNMP polling), SNMP walk your 4900M - add the OID for the PSU, then apply this new service check to your host. You may need to add the Cisco 4900M MIB to the Opsview system first.



PS: If this doesnt make sense, please contact Opsview Support who can walk you through this.