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Using Atom for training

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Robert Cross
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Using Atom for training

I appreciate this is probably a very limited use case...

I'd like to be able to use Atom as a training/dev package for a full Opsview instance. It's pretty usable in that respect apart from one thing - there's no support for any slaves.

So would it be possible to consider either extending Atom to allow a very limited number of slaves (given that Atom only allows 25 items, I'd say that a max of 2 slaves would be ample)? If this isn't possible then could I propose a "Lite" version of Opsview? To me this "Lite" version would have to be a paid-for version, but priced at the level that would allow small-office/hobbyist use, (i.e. a lot cheaper than the current next stage, which is Pro). The flipside of this would be that it would allow more hosts than Atom, (50 sound reasonable?) and a couple of slaves. And if Opsview themselves wanted to do this and add other features from the full product then I wouldn't object. [grin]

Duncan Ferguson
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I will discuss this with my

I will discuss this with my colleagues and let you know.