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Assign more than one Role to a user

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Assign more than one Role to a user

I think the subject tells it all. This would be handy to organize permissions.


  • IT Manager has access to HG1, HG2, HG3,
  • 1st local IT guy has access to HG1,
  • 2nd local IT guy has acces to HG2 and HG3, 
  • 3rd local IT guy has access to HG3

For this I would like to create only a role for each HostGroup, not for each user. Does this make sense?


Duncan Ferguson
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I have requested the Opsview Monitor Product Owner to record this feature request.  Unfortunately, we have a very full engineering schedule currently and so this has been put into the product backlog which means it will not be done in the near future (so not before 12 months time, possibly more).

If more people request this then it may be brought forward in the schedule

Thanks for the suggestion and if you have any more please let us know.