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Assign keywords to services created from host attributes

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Assign keywords to services created from host attributes

I'd like to see support for assigning keywords to services created via host attributes.

Each host attribute would have an extra "Keywords" field in addition to Label, Value and Args.  These keywords would be added to any existing keywords in the service created for the host attribute.

Example use case:

We use host attributes to monitor multiple similar services per server.  

Some of the services are hosted for different clients, and we use keywords to ensure the correct clients receive notifications.

After speaking to Opsview support we have concluded that the only way to do what we need is to create multiple service checks, which differ only in the keywords.  We then also have to create host attributes with similar but slightly different names, and use those in the service check Arguments.  This makes adding new clients very fiddley.

The feature described above would mean a single service check could be used but the services created could still have different keywords.


As a workaround, the host attribute arguments could be made availble in the Keywords field when editing a service check.  Then we could for example put the keywords in 4th host attribute arguement field and put %NAME:4% in the Keywords field.

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I second this request!

Good grief, yes!  The attributes feature would be an excellent way to simplify Service Check provisioning to hosts except that the services thus spawned must all alert identically!

That's a huge drawback, Opsview.  Please bump this up the priority list for the next release!