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Problems getting graphing to work

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Quang Le
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Problems getting graphing to work


I'm not seeing any graph icons in my opsview. Looking in the opsviewd.log i can see this error;

[2017/01/05 15:01:17] [import_perfdatarrd] [Opsview::Utils::PerfdatarrdImporter::catch {...} :69] [ERROR] Processing file=1483628476.039753: Timeseries ERROR: {"errors":["Updater failed: Service Unavailable"]} at /opt/opsview/perl/lib/perl5/Opsview/Timeseries/ line 176.

Everything is running when running opsview_watchdog summary

So far have tried;

- restarting opsview-timeseries processes plus everything else

- reinstalling opsview-timeseries-rdd, opsview-timeseries-lib, opsview-timeseries-enqueuer

Looking in the rdd dir, it was working at some point I think it stopped about the same time the system was updated to 5.2. 

Any ideas? 

Duncan Ferguson
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Are you able to communicate

Are you able to communicate with the udpate daemon on port 1620?  Can you test with

telnet 1620

to prove it is listening?

Do you have any globally set proxies in your environment?  You can check with

env | grep -i proxy

If you have a provy set then this may prevent communications between the daemons


Quang Le
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Aaah yes looks like my no

Aaah yes looks like my no_proxy env variable was misconfigured. 


made the problem obvious. Thanks for your help




Jeff Stockamp_2
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This appears to be effecting

This appears to be effecting me as well ... i tried adding


to my environment global environment variable in /etc/profile and I can connect to using Curl and get a response from "Opsview Timeseries Enqueuer", but graphing is still not working and the 403 errors are still getting logged.

Did you have to do anything else to get this working?

Duncan Ferguson
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Have you also restarted all

Have you also restarted all of the timeseries daemons to ensure they pick up the new environment settings?

As nagios

opsview_watchdog opsview-timeseries restart 
opsview_watchdog opsview-timeseriesenqueuer restart 
opsview_watchdog opsview-timeseriesrrdupdates restart 
opsview_watchdog opsview-timeseriesrrdupdates restart 
sleep 5
opsview_watchdog summary