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Opsview web problem after timezone change

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Dardo Bardier
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Opsview web problem after timezone change

Hello, I live in Uruguay and am using Opsview for monitoring servers, and recently there has been a timezone change.

Problem is, now Opsview web interface displays all dates with an offset of +1 hour.

The server where opsview is installed has the timezone updated.

The desktop clients that access opsview have their timezone updated.

My only guess is that opsview web has it's own timezone information, but i don't know where to update that.

Any ideas?



Juan Pablo Lorier
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Same problem

Hi, we are also from Uruguay and have the same problem. I found that the conversion is made at the web, but my partner didn't find where the timezone setting is made. Some people opted to change to Argentina's timezone, but I think this is not the way to solve the issue.

Maybe someone at opsview can point at the right direction.


Duncan Ferguson
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The dates and times seen in

The dates and times seen in the UI should have the timezone set by options in the browser you are using.

Can you confirm the timezone setting on your desktop?


Juan Pablo Lorier
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Date and time GUI


Both the brower and the OS (JVM included) have the right timezone and tzdata information. Everything but the opsview-web works fine. This is a problem also reported by other people. If I use another timezone, like Buenos Aires (GMT -3), it works fine, but it seems to me like a awfull workarround.

Opsview should have somewhere a setting or a place where to look for timezone configuration.

Do you know where does it take it?

Looks to me like the people from Opsview only cares for the paid solution as it's been a lot of days since my first post and yours is the only answer. Thank you for it.


Duncan Ferguson
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The opsview-web daemon takes

The opsview-web daemon takes the server timezone setting, which you can see what you switch to the 'nagios' user and time 'echo $TZ'

Unfortunately, I believe not all valid settings of the TZ entry can be accepted properly by opsview-web, hence you see this error.

How are you setting the timezone on your server at the moment?  Do you use the TZ variable on a per user basis or do you just use /etc/localtime?