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check_cpu_stats works locally, but not via nrpe

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Quang Le
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check_cpu_stats works locally, but not via nrpe


In opsview, via nrpe for a couple of hosts I can not get any cpu stats.  Eg this happens;

check_nrpe -H 'brxxx01' -c check_cpu_stats -C '' -k '' -r '' -y 'ADH-AES256-SHA:ADH-AES128-SHA' Output: NRPE: Unable to read output Errors: Return code: 3   Locally however on the box the check_cpu_stats seems to work when you run it from the cmd line; OK: utilization:4.8%,guest:0.0%,guest_nice:0.0%,iowait:0.0%,irq:0.0%,nice:0.0%,softirq:0.0%,steal:0.0%,system:0.4%,user:4.4%|'guest'=0.00%;;;0;100 'guest_nice'=0.00%;;;0;100 'iowait'=0.01%;;;0;100 'irq'=0.00%;;;0;100 'nice'=0.00%;;;0;100 'softirq'=0.00%;;;0;100 'steal'=0.00%;;;0;100 'system'=0.44%;;;0;100 'user'=4.38%;;;0;100 'utilization'=4.83%;;;0;100     from the nrpe.log you can see the following; Mar  2 09:24:29 bvinf11 nrpe[17380]: Host is asking for command 'check_cpu_stats' to be run...

Mar  2 09:24:29 bvinf11 nrpe[17380]: Running command: /usr/local/nagios/libexec/check_cpu_stats

Mar  2 09:24:29 bvinf11 nrpe[17380]: Command completed with return code 3 and output:

Mar  2 09:24:29 bvinf11 nrpe[17380]: Sending response - bytes left: 27

Mar  2 09:24:29 bvinf11 nrpe[17380]: Return Code: 3, Output: NRPE: Unable to read output   Other service checks using nrpe on the same host are working fine and returning results.    Any ideas about what could be wrong ?       
Duncan Ferguson
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What user did you run the

What user did you run the local test as?  The nagios user?  Running the test as any other user may well create a local cache file with permissions the nagios user then cannot access the file with.

Also, you should always run the local test from / using the full path to the plugin as this is how NRPE runs them.  Running the test within the libexec directory can mask relative path errors.


Quang Le
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You were right -- I was

You were right -- I was running it as root. 

Thanks for your help -- well played.