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Unable to receive Push messages

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Unable to receive Push messages

I'm having trouble configuring push notification on my Android Phone.

I'm using Opsview Core 3.2

For as far as I understoord, I need to enter my phonenumber within my Opsview profile @ When I enter my phonenumber it keeps complaining that the number is not a valid Dutch phone number.

I've tried the following formats: 0643xxxxxx



Can you please advise?



Duncan Ferguson
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Can you provide a screenshot

Can you provide a screenshot of the page with the error on it?

Opsview-Core has been out of support for a very long time, however, but I will see what I can find out for you


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getting "Connection failed: Forbidden" while testing the push

Hi ,

trying to enable push notification method on opsview, getting this error while testing.

Connection failed: Forbidden

do i miss somthing?