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Jef Norman
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New Application feedback

Hi Guys,

Wanted to come onto the site and leave a message about my recent experience swapping over to the new opsview app for Iphone. (Version Opsview Monitor Mobile 1.0.1(71))

The app itself appears to be a great improvement over the previous iteration in terms of stability (thus far).

So far using the app, i've noticed a few quality of life (Nitpicking, basically.) points throughout the application.

  • When filtering service checks, and applying the "unhandled" filter, it only applies until you refresh the page, refreshing the page does not cause the keyword "unhandled" to disappear from the services list at the top of the page, but the filter is no longer applied.
  • When acknowledging a service check, adding a comment brings the iphone keyboard up covering up the submit button, this is purely a quality of life issue as the page appears to work as intended, this just causes an extra "tap" as you have to return out of the keyboard first.
  • The Acknowledge page has a  "Done" button in the top right hand corner, this perhaps could be more accurately named "Back" as i wrongly assumed this would also result in submitting my acknowledgement.

The above is probably just my own personal pet peeves, but i think perhaps atleast the filtering refresh might be unintentional?

Hope this helps,


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Hi Jef,


Glad to see you are happy with the improvements in the new app and thanks for taking your time to provide us with some feedback. Having recreated these issues I will be converting these to tickets and adding to our product backlog for Opsview Monitor Mobile. The filtering issue will be fixed in our next release, with the others following suit depending on timeframes.