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Opsview Monitor 5.4 Released - deliver smarter business services

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Paul Walter
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Opsview Monitor 5.4 Released - deliver smarter business services

We’re delighted to announce the release of Opsview Monitor 5.4 which helps devops teams deliver smarter business services by unifying insight into their dynamic IT infrastructure and apps, on-premises and in any cloud. Download Opsview Monitor 5.4

Opsview Monitor 5.4’s major new benefits include:

  • Enhanced service-level monitoring. IT operators using legacy monitoring tools struggle to understand the service impact of issues across their hybrid cloud infrastructure. Opsview Monitor 5.4’s new Business Service Monitoring (BSM) view makes it easier than ever to anticipate outages before they arise or reduce the time it takes to repair them, ultimately enabling more reliable business service delivery. 
  • Cloud-scale extensibility. Developers love Opsview Monitor because it is designed to be extensible through Opspacks. Over 20 new Opspacks are pre-loaded into Opsview Monitor 5.4 covering OpenStack’s Nova, Neutron, Glance and Cinder components, the most popular AWS services including S3, ELB, EC2, DynamoDB, RDS and AutoScaling, and Azure services including Virtual Machines, SQL and IoT. 

For more information about these benefits, other feature improvements and detailed release notes, visit the Opsview Monitor 5.4 release blog.