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Opsview Monitor 5.2 Has Arrived

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Opsview Monitor 5.2 Has Arrived

Opsview Announces Release Of Opsview Monitor 5.2

We are pleased to announce the release of Opsview Monitor 5.2, which includes the new Opspack Marketplace, enhanced UI and performance enhancements – all to help Opsview users manage more and work even faster.

Wondering if you should be moving to 5.2? Here are the top two reasons:

1.    Opspack Marketplace: Import and export Opsview Monitor Opspacks (which includes plugins and configuration data) straight from the UI. The easy method of importing and exporting Opspacks using the new Opspack Marketplace enables you to source and share everything you need to monitor any technology or service.

2.    UI and Performance Enhancements: Opsview Monitor 5.2 includes several enhancements to help IT administrators and the IT operations team work smarter and faster, including: 

  • Role detail improvements provides up to 90% faster reload time after monitoring configuration changes are made, with faster Dashboard loading
  • Time Series Database (RRD) improvements enables data storage on a separate system, which offers a massive speed improvement for graphing data read and writes when handling large amounts of performance data
  • Mass Action improvements make Downtime, Acknowledgements, Re-Check and Set Service State options even quicker and easier to use across multiple Hosts and Services

The new capabilities are available now for all users of Opsview Monitor Enterprise, MSP, Pro and Atom Editions.

Watch our short announcement video below to get a look at Opsview Monitor 5.2 and let us know what you think!