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New AWS Opspacks Have Arrived

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New AWS Opspacks Have Arrived

Monitor AWS

We are excited to announce the release of eight new AWS Opspacks. Available for immediate download via the Opspack Marketplace, the new AWS Opspacks feature a rich assortment of service checks, simplifying issue detection, metric tracking and providing more robust monitoring coverage.

The new AWS Opspacks are as follows:

  • EC2 CloudWatch - helps detect issues within your EC2 instance
  • S3 CloudWatch - provides the latest metrics to track your S3 buckets
  • Generic CloudWatch - monitors all your custom metrics
  • AutoScaling CloudWatch - provides metrics to track group instance performance
  • RDS - helps identify problem areas in the database
  • Route53 - runs detailed health checks
  • ELB - includes checks for latency and connection errors
  • DynamoDB - helps paint a larger picture of your AWS environment

Additionally, we have added new support for AWS services, coverage of all the latest AWS regions, and tighter integration with AWS CloudWatch. 

For more information, read our latest AWS blog and watch our quick video on getting started with AWS host templates and service checks.