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FYI. Have found this plugin to be very useful at getting to the base hardware stats on a variety of hardware. Particularly I have used it for hardware monitoring of Cisco LAN & SAN switches and Brocade SAN switches. Has an auto detect capability to determine what snmp oids to use (with the added bonus that you don't need to find and load the mibs)

It can be used to monitor devices like Cisco IOS, Cisco Nexus, F5 BIG-IP, CheckPoint Firewall1, Juniper NetScreen, HP Procurve, Nortel, Brocade 4100/4900, EMC DS 4700, EMC DS 24, Allied Telesyn, Blue Coat ProxySG, Cisco Wireless Lan Controller 5500, Cisco MDS 912

Any chance we could have this plugin added to the supported base collection of plugins?

Note: Can be found on the nagios exchange. "check_nwc_health"