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REST API: Graph returns empty data

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REST API: Graph returns empty data
Hi, I'm using REST API: Graph to automatically retrieve some performance data. I don't have problems to login and obtain the authentication token. However, when I send GET /rest/graph?duration=30h&hsm=SERVERNAME::CPU Utilisation::10m I received a 200 response but with an empty body content, like this:   <html><title>Opsview::Web</title><body><pre>---  list: []   </pre></body></html>   Initially, I thought it could be because I didn't have VIEWALL permissions, but when I sent a GET rest/user/ the api responded that I have VIEWALL=1 so I should be able to read the performance data. Is there anything else I need to enable? I'm using Opsview Core 3.20131016.0 and here's my api info ---  api_min_version: '2.0' api_version: '3.20131016000' easyxdm_version: By the way, If I try to browse the graph directly in opsview through /graph?service=CPU+Utilisation&host=SERVERNAME I have no problems to see the performance data.   Thanks!       Alejandro