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UP-/DOWN-Events in Jasper/ODW/Reports Module?

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UP-/DOWN-Events in Jasper/ODW/Reports Module?
Hi,   I created a custom report based on the "Daily Events Report" where I basically just edited the SQL select statement to exclude certain service states (softs and ok-hards after crit/warn-softs). My goal is to acomplish the same report with jasper/odw which we before created with the "Alert-Summary"-Function in OpsView Core.   So currently the only difference between both reports (Jasper vs. Alert-Summary) is, that in the Alert-Summary the UP-/DOWN-Events of the monitored hosts were included. I cannot find a single hint in the ODW-Database where those UP-/DOWN-Host-Events are stored. the availaiblity*-tables are completely empty.   Is it by design to not store UP-/DOWN-Host-Events in the ODW? Am i looking in the wrong place?   I am running Opsview Pro 4.4.2 with Enterprise Reports Module.   Best Regards, Marco