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University of Surrey


  • The University of Surrey provides further education to about 16,000 students and has over 2,000 staff spanning four facilities
  • The University relies heavily on a central IT infrastructure through which vital functions such as student registration, library applications, email services and the VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) are run
  • IT makes up a large part of the student experience. High performing infrastructure is vital as a competitive advantage to other universities 

The need for IT monitoring

  • Traditional siloed approach to monitoring was no longer adequate for the University, especially on service level checks of the network
  • Need for one tool that would pool all performance information together to see level of service to users rather than just infrastructure checks
  • New centralized IT department focus on cost, scalability and customization was paramount

Why Opsview worked as a solution

  • Ability to proactively alert IT team to any performance issues
  • Easy to navigate dashboard let the University quickly assess anything in the network
  • More accurate and real-time to eliminate service outages for both faculty and students

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