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Opsview joins leading Financial Services organizations for an evening dinner

On Tuesday evening, we joined 15 senior IT executives from leading Financial Services organizations at an exclusive dinner arranged by the Chief Wine Officer [CWO]. The venue was the stunning Walbrook Club. If you have never visited the club it’s a unique building dwarfed by the modern, glass office blocks that surround it in the City of London. 

If you haven’t guessed from the event organizer’s name, the evening contains wine! CWO take you on journey of wine with a competition to guess what you’re tasting/smelling, where the wine come from, the grape and the vintage year. The dinner kicked off with a keynote speech from Opsview investor, Stephen Kelly, talking about his experiences across Digital Transformation, legacy IT, company acquisitions and achieving that single pane of glass in your IT infrastructure with IT Monitoring. 

Legacy IT was a topic that resonated across the IT executives as many banks and insurance companies run extremely complex IT environments that have inter-dependencies across the organization and swapping out hardware or software is not an easy task. This could be a contributing factor to the number of media articles on IT outages in this sector. In a highly competitive industry, where the customer experience is crucial, an IT outage has the power to impact the brand as well as significant financial loss. 

If you know me, I’m not very good with wine knowledge, my go-to is New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc so, unfortunately, I wasn’t much help to my table, sorry folks! However, I did guess Wine #1 correctly which of course was a NZ SB! Thank you to my table for their guidance on the wines, and the great conversations and company throughout the evening. I look forward to keeping those connections and continuing the IT monitoring and legacy conundrum!

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