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Opsview Enterprise 3.14 Edition Released Today

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opsview mobileOur latest release, Opsview Enterprise 3.14 edition, is out today! As well as fixes and major enhancements, configuration changes are applied in half the time compared to previous releases for complex Opsview deployments.

Updates and improvements include:

  • Reload times on systems with a large number of contacts (> 50) halved
  • Configuration generation speed improvement of 60% when using lots of keywords
  • Opsview Mobile for Android is now available in Opsview Enterprise 3.14 edition
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and Debian Linux 6.0 (Squeeze) are now officially supported platforms
  • IE9 is now an officially supported web browser
  • Rest API status information now summarised by host group, host, service and viewport

For a full list of improvements in 3.14 edition visit our documentation wiki. Want to find see some of the new dashboard features coming up in Opsview Enterprise 4.0 edition? Join our webinar on 3rd November 2011.

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