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One Platform to Rule Them All: How Unified IT Monitoring Puts MSPs in Control

Sauron, the arch-villain of Lord of The Rings, isn’t the only one who likes total visibility.

If you’re a managed services provider (MSP), you could probably appreciate The Deceiver’s pretty sweet monitoring setup. From high atop his massive tower, the Eye of Sauron constantly surveyed all of Mordor, always on the lookout for enemies, threats and shiny jewelry. Nothing could escape his gaze.

Unless – spoiler alert – a big army distracted him. As best he tried, Sauron lacked the coverage to keep an eye on everything at once, and that was ultimately his downfall.

Many MSPs can probably relate. When you first start out, you might use one simple or free IT monitoring tool to look over your clients. As you add on more customers, that freeware or low-end solution gradually becomes less capable of covering all your bases.

So maybe you add on a second solution. Or a third, to take care of those two or three clients who only use Linux servers, which your main solutions can’t help monitor. Before you know it, you’re a full-fledged MSP relying on monitoring plagued by inconsistent notifications, inadequate integrations and a lack of reporting. One missed alert and you’ll have angry clients at the gates.

Running multiple pieces of software for a single function also means you’re probably paying for more IT than you need, and spending more time maintaining your environment than actually helping customers. The costs add up – 19 percent of MSPs say they lose 20-50 billable hours per month due to bad technology.

Consolidating your IT monitoring with one comprehensive platform is the most effective way to earn back that time. Here’s what to look for in a single, scalable solution:


Multi-tenant software is non-negotiable for any MSP, as it enables you to manage a number of client accounts on a single software instance. But some MSPs still rob themselves of this benefit by cobbling together multiple monitoring tools to keep an eye on all of their clients.

Look for a comprehensive, multi-tenant platform that can monitor all of your accounts and report system health information back to one dashboard. When you have one platform with complete technology coverage, there’s no need to waste time on multiple solutions.


A key contributor to business growth is the ability to justify your services to your clients. The right monitoring platform can help by enabling high-level or deep-dive reporting, allowing you to tailor reports for the right audience.

For example, your client’s internal IT administrator might be interested in receiving uptime reports for every server, while the CFO might instead want to know if you could squeeze more efficiency out of certain resource-draining services. The ability to answer each stakeholder’s question could make a big difference to your client engagement.


When all of your IT services are communicating and working together, it’s a lot easier to manage. You can save time and money by choosing an IT monitoring platform that can flexibly integrate with your other key IT services, such as help desk, backup or management software.

Those other services all play a critical role in supporting your managed services business and a fully integrated, comprehensive IT monitoring platform could be the one tool you need to bind everything together.

Given how commoditized the industry is, it’s no surprise that 51 percent of MSPs say they have a hard time proving the value of their contracts to clients. A unified monitoring platform could offer the framework you need to demonstrate how your services play a crucial role in your clients’ success. 

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