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An Inside Look At Our Christmas Hackathon

Hackathons are always a fun way to test out new product features in real-time and retrieve valuable insights by collaborating as a team. For our recently held Christmas Hackathon, we decided to showcase Opsview Monitor’s distributed architecture by utilizing several Raspberry Pi’s and the results proved to be quite successful. Check out the series of photos below to see how we orchestrated the hackathon while also getting in the holiday spirit! 

A meeting of the minds

Our engineering team having a strategy discussion in preperation of the Hackathon. 

Assembling the parts

Christmas Hackathon

Soldering LEDs to connect to the Raspberry Pi's, which blink whenever the Raspberry Pi is active and undergoing a process.


The user interface included some buttons, so we could stop and start services on the Raspberry Pi's

The final product! 

Our Christmas tree, fully decorated with Raspberry Pi's and ready to light up on command! 

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by Eric Bernsen,
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