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Our Takeaways from The Latest OpenStack Boston MeetUp

As one of the most popular open source platforms for cloud computing, OpenStack has evolved into a powerful tool for managing large groups of servers in a cloud environment. With increasing relevancy and new findings consistently being revealed, the OpenStack community is quite involved in the growth of the platform. OpenStack Boston is one of many MeetUp groups for OpenStack and their latest gathering coincided with the release of new user survey results. The timely Newton report contains the latest updates regarding OpenStack activity, which sparked engaging conversations regarding the future of OpenStack deployments and business implications. To sum everything up for you, we compiled our main takeaways from the OpenStack Boston MeetUp and Newton survey results. 

OpenStack Boston MeetUp

OpenStack cloud deployments are rising

User participation is a central aspect of OpenStack’s current success and the community continues to grow in its deployment efforts. According to the Newton survey, OpenStack has gained 44% more deployments within the past year and organizations are running between 61% to 80% of their infrastructure on the platform. So while there has been previous interest in the potential of OpenStack for several years, more companies are now officially invested in OpenStack thanks to its increased product maturity. 

User satisfaction depends on upgrading to new OpenStack releases 

Despite the rise in OpenStack adoption, user satisfaction levels have reportedly dropped from 36 to 24 (Net Promoter Score) since October of last year. However, digging a bit deeper into the data finds that higher levels of user satisfaction are directly correlated with newer OpenStack deployments. Users with deployments created in either 2016 or 2017 are experiencing a NPS of between 35 and 38, while deployments created between 2010 and 2014 have an average NPS of 14. The lesson learned is that whether you are using OpenStack or any other prevailing technology, updating to the latest product release will result in a friendlier user experience. 

Three major benefits of OpenStack Mitaka

The newly released OpenStack Mitaka is a high value product release, containing hundreds of new features that all aid in achieving an improved user experience and better manageability/scalability. OpenStack highlighted the most important aspects of Mitaka in their list of “53 new things to look for in OpenStack Mitaka”, which focuses on high profile OpenStack projects related to networking, computing, block storage and image services. 

Future growth for OpenStack  

Our final takeaway from the OpenStack Boston MeetUp is that even more growth is on the horizon for the platform. Panelists from the likes of Dell, Juniper, Rackspace and CloudOps all focused on OpenStack’s bright future and concluded that even though some vendors take OpenStack for granted, it is in a great position to be a vital tool for enterprise cloud architects for the next several years. 

With OpenStack-powered clouds growing across companies of all sizes, having a monitoring solution that can provide a complete view of your OpenStack environment can take your cloud efforts to the next level. Be sure to read our latest blog post on "Monitoring OpenStack" and check out our newly released Opspacks for Nova, Neutron, Cinder and Glance.


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