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Monitoring OpenStack

What is OpenStack?

Monitoring OpenStack

If you have not come across OpenStack before, their mission statement really says it all, “to produce the ubiquitous Open Source Cloud Computing platform that will meet the needs of public and private clouds, regardless of size, by being simple to implement and massively scalable.” 

Gaining massive backing from the Open Source community and from many big organizations, the project was founded by NASA and Rackspace.

The first thing you will notice when deploying and monitoring OpenStack is that its make-up involves several different components. They all fit together into a single system, but we will need to monitor each part separately.


Monitoring OpenStack

The most commonly used components and the most interesting in terms of monitoring are Nova, Neutron, Glance, Swift and Cinder.

Compute – Nova

Nova manages and automates pools of computer resources and supports a range of virtualization technologies such as KVM and VMware. Opsview Monitor has Opspacks for monitoring KVM and VMware, which allow you to monitor on each hypervisor.

The Opsview Monitor Nova Opspack enables you to monitor the running virtual machines across a collection of hypervisors.

Networking - Neutron

OpenStack Neutron manages networks and IP addresses, giving you complete control over the IP addresses assigned to your virtual machines and control of virtual networks.

The Opsview Monitor Neutron Opspack allows you to monitor the state of all your networks.

Image Service – Glance

OpenStack Glance provides discovery, registration, and delivery services for disk and server images. 

The Opsview Monitor Glance Opspack allows you to monitor the state of all your images and their size.

Block Storage – Cinder

OpenStack Cinder provides block storage for use with OpenStack compute instances. Storage can be split across a whole range of devices and areas, and Cinder handles all of this for you. 

What Opsview OpenStack Opspacks can monitor

We have created an Opspack for each of the most important OpenStack components. Each of the Opspacks can collect the most important information to ensure the components are performing as expected.

Compute – Nova

OpenStack Nova Service Checks

The Nova Opspack provides Service Checks that show all servers running in Nova and the current status for them. The check for ‘all servers’ returns as a performance metric for the total number of servers configured in Nova, which is useful for capacity planning and tracking down issues. It is not uncommon to see virtual machine performance drop when a lot of instances are running. The status check lets you ensure your important instances are always active.

Networking - Neutron

OpenStack Neutron Service Checks

The Neutron Opspack allows you to track the number of networks configured and the current status of any of those networks. The ‘all networks’ performance counter can be very useful for tracking the change in the number of networks over time. Individual network service checks allow you to ensure that your critical networks remain active.

Image Service – Glance

OpenStack Glance Service Checks

It can be easy to end up with a lot of Images within Glance. The Glance Opspack allows you to track and alert on the number of Images through its ‘all images’ performance counter and track the state of your critical images to ensure they remain active.

Block Storage – Cinder

OpenStack Opspack Service Checks

The Cinder Opspack provides details for your Snapshots and Volumes. The Opspack provides performance counters for the number of Volumes and Snapshots so you can track how many have been created. There are also specific service checks to check both the Status and Size of any of your critical Snapshots or Volumes, ensuring that they remain Active and do not become too large.

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