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Monitoring Mondays: Cloud Becoming The Default Option For Software Deployment

This weekly series will provide a recap of the most relevant news to come out of the tech world over the past week, with a specific focus on IT monitoring. It is easy to become immersed in your daily requirements as a sysadmin, but you don’t want to be that guy who is unaware of an important product release or company announcement that may change the way you do your job. With this in mind, it will be the goal of this series to arm you with ‘must know’ information so you can start your week off on the right foot knowing you are properly prepared. 

Cloud will be the “default option” for software deployment by 2020

Researchers at Gartner have taken a firm stance that cloud will be the ‘default option for software deployment within the next five years. Gartner predicts that 30% of the 100 largest software vendors will adopt a cloud-only model by 2020. The combination of end users getting comfortable with cloud services along with vendors shifting to primarily offering software from the cloud are the main reasons behind the prediction. A ‘no cloud’ policy being as rare as ‘no Internet’ is a concept looming over IT and the high cloud activity surrounding the infrastructure computing market is proof of its validity. 

How Brexit will impact the tech world 

Voters in the UK have voted to take their country out of the EU, starting a process that will lead to separation within two years. The response to this decision has generated controversial headlines around the world, and also raises the question of how Brexit will affect the tech landscape. While many are assuming there will be significant changes, the specifics are unknown at this point. However, it is very likely the ramifications will impact enterprise IT, especially enterprise IT dealing with international business. Courtesy of Information Week, here are a few areas to focus on with Brexit in mind: 
•    Security 
•    Shaky Markets 
•    Business Pullback 
•    Talent 

Real world DevOps failures and how to avoid them

Everything about DevOps sounds great in practice. With DevOps, the development, testing, and release of software can be accelerated and made more reliable, which are all huge advantages for any type of business. There are plenty of examples of how DevOps works well and delivers substantial improvements, but sometimes things don’t go according to plan. InfoWorld has published an insightful article on DevOps initiatives gone wrong and what the organizations involved did to address the problems and prevent them from happening again.

Finding the most qualified IT workers 

With IT emerging as an increasingly important aspect of strategic planning, many companies are looking to expand tech department staffing. According to a recent survey from Robert Half Technology, a large majority of CIOs will seek to fill vacant positions while very few intend to reduce IT staffing. However, finding the right candidates (primarily those with specialized skills in cloud computing, cybersecurity, data analytics, etc) for available opportunities remains a challenge. Based off the results from the survey, CIO Insight published an insightful report that serves as a helpful guide to finding qualified IT workers who have what it takes to bring IT efforts to the next level. 

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