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Introducing Opsview Cloud

Our Product Management team recently asked over 200 customers to complete a monitoring survey, and from the results there were some consistent themes that came through:

  • IT teams do not have enough resources to focus on automation, innovation and digital transformation
  • IT teams are under-resourced and often in fire-fighting mode
  • Given the above challenges, there is not enough time to upskill the team

So, what does a Product Manager do to solve these challenges? The answer: deliver a service that takes away IT headaches, manages the solution for them, and, best of all, is built utilizing the Opsview best of breed cloud and infrastructure monitoring platform.

Introducing Opsview Cloud, our new monitoring service that alleviates the admin burden weighing down IT ops teams, empowering them to focus on building IT solutions that deliver business value and that impact the bottom line. No more IT outages, no more worrying about what happens when your key business services go down, no more war rooms.

Opsview Cloud helps you to:

  • Consolidate monitoring tools into one single pane of glass view
  • Monitor anything anywhere - hybrid, on-premises and cloud
  • Automate mundane monitoring processes to release resources to focus on innovative IT projects
  • Ensure key business services are always-on

Deploying Opsview Cloud allows you to:

  • Reduce your infrastructure costs
  • Realign resources to focus on business value IT project
  • Use Opsview experts to provide monitoring best practices
  • Ensure you have 24x7 monitoring


Want to learn more?  Take a look at our new video

Keep services up and running, before an incident becomes an outage

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