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Important Announcements From Google's Cloud Conference That Will Impact IT

From the viewpoint of many industry leaders, Google is seen as being behind Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and IBM in the IaaS cloud market. The revenue run rates back up this mindset (Google's $400 million is 20 times less than AWS), but this is only providing Google with more motivation to take their cloud efforts to the next level. Google Cloud Platform executives recently held a conference in San Francisco and they introduced new products/services in a mission to lure users from their competitors. With the cloud still being in its early stages, here are the biggest announcements from Google’s Cloud Conference that are likely to spur even more innovation and have an impact on the work of IT professionals in particular.

Machine learning 

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from Google’s Cloud Conference is their high priority focus on machine learning. Google introduced a product offering with multiple machine learning tools, residing on a cloud-based platform ideal for building powerful predictive analytics models based on data customers have stored in Google’s cloud. “For example, a financial services app that predicts values using regression models, or a classification service for images,” Google explained on its blog announcing the service. “Cloud Machine Learning will take care of everything from data ingestion through to prediction. The result: now any application can take advantage of the same deep learning techniques that power many of Google’s services.” With Google being on a machine learning high, it will be interesting to see the impact their work has on the industry as a whole.

Data center tour

It is no secret that Google has one of the most impressive networks of data centers in the world. Prior to the conference, the company announced it would be expanding its regional footprint from four to six with plans to add 10 more regions in the next few years. Google has never given in-person tours of its data centers, but as of last week, you now have the ability to take a virtual tour. Even if you don’t have a virtual reality system in place to enjoy the full experience, sysadmins who want to see the inner-workings of Google’s data centers are now able to do so! Click here to get a glimpse of what transpires during the tour.  

Dedication to open source

Google executives say the company is committed to open source and there is no reason not to believe them. It has open sourced many projects in the realm of software-defined networking components, container management platforms as well as machine learning tools. Google also recently joined the Open Compute Project and at the Google Cloud Conference, it open sourced another software tool Helm, which is code that helps manage containers by deconstructing them. Google’s enthusiastic presence in the open source world is a telling sign of their plans to play a strong role in futuristic products built to be accessible for all types of IT departments.

Introduction of StackDriver

At the Google Cloud Conference, Google jumped head first into the cloud management market with the introduction of StackDriver. Google calls it a “unified, monitoring, logging and diagnostics service that makes ops easier.” However, the feature that may come as a surprise to some users is the fact that customers can use StackDriver to manage both Google and AWS clouds. We all know there is no shortage of cloud management dashboards on the market, but Google clearly articulating their opinion that there is room for them to succeed with their cloud offering and is hoping that customers choose Google’s tools to manage their entire cloud usage.

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