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Event Diary: Cloud Expo Europe

Cloud Expo Europe
Having just returned to the office from a great couple of days at Cloud Expo at the ExCeL in London, it’s time for reflection and lessons learned. Aside from the usual swag hunters, that is, who kept us amused at 3pm yesterday when most attendees had started to head home. You can’t believe the number of folk that walk around with bags full of merchandise. I think the most we saw was an individual with 4 bags rammed full but still managed to have a spare hand for the plastic glass of beer!

Lack of visibility in to the IT infrastructure, battles with legacy IT and tool sprawl continue to be business problems that we encountered the most during the Expo. There was one conversation where the delegate was struggling to obtain senior executive buy-in on why IT Monitoring was important, he wanted the single pane of glass view but the executives were happy to continue with disparate systems. IT complexity and silos continue to drive tool sprawl, too many systems and different IT teams doing their own thing. No centralized monitoring is causing organizations headaches when it comes to driving innovation, IT change and digital transformation.

In and amongst the conversations on the Opsview stand, we had several press briefings and a live stream on Disruptive LIVE - you can watch the video here. We’re the ones in the purple polo shirts! Talking of purple, we even had an attendee come to our stand to chat to us because his daughter’s favorite color was purple. You certainly couldn’t miss the purple army! 

Lots of talk across the Expo on AIOPs. My view on this is you can’t even begin to start focusing on AIOPs until you fix the lack of visibility in the IT infrastructure and to do this you need to start with sorting the legacy problem and tool sprawl. 


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by Helen Carroll,
VP of Marketing
Helen joined Opsview in October 2018 as their VP of Marketing. She has nearly 20 years of IT marketing experience, having worked for the likes of Sun Microsystems, BMC Software and Pitney Bowes Software. Helen has a passion for integrated marketing, ensuring that the customer's business issues are fully understood. When not working, she loves to travel, but only to sunny climates.

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