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Cloud Security Monitoring

Cloud computing is transforming the way we do business, providing a range of capabilities such as visibility, agility and integration, making IT more efficient and cost effective. However, the increase in the popularity of the cloud also opens businesses up to the possibility of new cyberthreats. 

The importance

It is vital that a form of cloud security monitoring is put in place. This comprises of managing physical and virtual servers, continually measuring and assessing data and infrastructure behaviors, and looking to identify potential data breaches. This helps to ensure that the various components of the cloud perform effectively, while reducing the risk of any potentially harmful security threats. 

Cloud security monitoring ensures data is collected across many distributed locations. Using this data as well as auditing and reporting capabilities, you can generate reports and manage compliance requirements for security. Added to this, the increased visibility helps organizations to detect and identify possible security compromises.

Effective cloud monitoring can help companies be more confident with their use of the cloud in terms of transferring and storing data. They can take advantage of the advanced capabilities driven by the cloud, with the knowledge that they can identify or be alerted of any data breaches and threats. 

Keep up to date

As well as security monitoring, ensuring software is up to date is fundamental in terms of avoiding additional security issues. Keeping up with the latest releases and updates not only provides better functionality and enhancements to your infrastructure, it also helps to avoid security vulnerabilities and reduces the chance of your system being open to potential compromise.

Cloud Security Monitoring

Knowledge and awareness

Additionally, making sure that your infrastructure is secure and not being exposed to the outside world is also important. It is vital that information is being secured correctly so customer data is kept private and there is no potential of a data leak. Penalties for data breaches can be significant, in the UK for example, the insurance firm RSA was hit with a fine of £150,000 for a serious data breach. Sensitive information that is distributed across your networks needs to be located so it can be stored and protected, helping to avoid loss of business and customer frustrations.

An awareness and understanding of the shared responsibility model and your obligations for security is also crucial when keeping the cloud secure. It is essential that you read up and have a knowledge of your responsibility compared to the responsibility of a cloud application such as AWS. Security perspectives need to be identified to help drive your organization’s security through various capabilities. 

To conclude, monitoring plays a fundamental role in keeping networks safe from any possible external threat. With a reliable security monitoring system in place, cyberattacks can be identified and addressed before there is any serious impact on the organization, helping to keep your important information and IT estate secure.


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by Freya Ballan Whitfield,
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