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Cloud Connect Summit

February 2nd brings us a fresh outlook on IT security, virtual desktop and disaster recovery at the Cloud Connect Summit. The Summit is a leading annual networking event, bringing business and technology together with solutions innovators and cloud service providers.  

The aim of the Summit is to highlight the ways in which enterprises can make the most of the resources and applications provided by the cloud, and the different cloud options they have. This can help organisations to push for business transformation and can provide the potential for them to out-perform competitors. 

Cloud Connect

This year kicks off with Rob Williams, Senior Manager for Cloud and Data Center Solutions, giving an overview of the current state of the cloud and what it holds for its users in terms of evolving and developing in the future.

Other speakers include Jeremy Gentel from Unidesk, discussing the expanding employment of virtual desktop infrastructure, Mike Kanarellis, a Senior Manager with Wolf & Co, talking about healthcare IT space, and Jason Nolan from Zerto, covering disaster recovery and how to keep your company protected.

The Summit concludes with a talk from Chris Chaves, a senior security engineer at Sophos, discussing the latest security threats to your organisation and how you can act and put measures in place to protect your business. 

For more information on the Cloud Connect Summit, check out the website. If you wish to learn more about cloud and hybrid IT monitoring read about Opsview's Cloud Monitoring Tools.

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by Freya Ballan Whitfield,
Digital Marketing Executive

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