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Working With General Assembly

Since walking through the door on my first day at Opsview, I have been battling with a big problem; how can we attract great development talent to join our Engineering team?

It is a problem that affects a lot of companies of our size in the Thames Valley area and is not an easy problem to solve. 

Wouldn’t it be great if there was some way we could find a conveyor belt of great junior talent?

But that’s crazy talk isn’t it?

Maybe not!

The first time I spoke to someone from General Assembly was at an event in London. It sounded too good to be true. They discussed their immersive web development course where their student’s train for three months using technologies such as Node.js, Ruby on Rails and JavaScript. 

Yes, JavaScript, the language our front-end is built on.

But how good could their students be after just three months of training?

Well, we were about to find out!

I took our Engineering Team Lead, along with one of our Technical Interns, up to London to speak to some of GA’s graduates and view their work at one of their regular “Meet + Hire” events.

The verdict? 

The students were great!

A couple of weeks later, we had signed a partnership agreement with GA. This meant that Opsview had committed to working with GA and their students. This can range from a class visiting our office to see how we work, our Engineers spending time onsite, to me working with the group to get them ready for their job search at the end of the course.

My first work with GA was taking part in a Q&A panel session. This took place towards the end of their course as the student’s minds turned to thinking about finding their perfect role. It was a fun session with questions being fired at us about searching for roles, how interview processes work and offer negotiations. 

One of the students that day was Richard, who is now working at Opsview as a JavaScript Developer.

The next time I met Richard was at the groups “Meet + Hire” event at Campus London. Richard remembered me and I was impressed with the knowledge he had about Opsview. After a good chat and seeing his work, we agreed to catch up on the phone a couple of days later.

His CV was soon across with the hiring manager and, after a Skype call, he was invited in to interview with our VP of Engineering, Engineering Team Lead and Front-end Technical Architect. After impressing the guys, I was able to make an offer that was accepted on the spot. Two weeks later, he was sitting a couple of seats away from me, working on the next version of Opsview Monitor.

Richard’s journey has now gone full circle. He was recently invited back to GA to speak to their students about his experience after the course and how he is settling in at Opsview. Who knows, he might have been speaking to Opsview’s next hire!

Our partnership with General Assembly has been a great success already and both sides have benefited by working together.

If you are someone looking to train as a developer, look no further than GA. I can’t recommend them highly enough. 

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by Richard Saunders,

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