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Why I applied to work at Opsview

Having chosen a four-year degree in Consumer Behaviour and Marketing at the University of Reading, it wasn’t long before I found myself researching and applying for industrial placements. It’s fair to say my first two years at university had not been particularly strenuous. I spent more time on the sports fields or going out, rather than actually in lectures doing work. It was now time to take things more seriously and immerse myself into the real 'professional' world. 

It was a daunting thought to leave my comfortable student lifestyle and head straight into a 9-5 job at the start of the summer. However, I knew that a marketing placement would be extremely valuable as I would be able to gain practical experience and develop my existing knowledge. A work placement would also be hugely beneficial in terms of future employability aspects. 

With help from my university lecturers, I put serious thought into what I was looking to achieve by undertaking a placement year and what kind of companies I wanted to apply to. Each company had different application processes. Many of these involved attempting impossible psychometric and math tests, which were designed to be too difficult for the majority of candidates to complete. This was one of the aspects that initially attracted me to applying to Opsview, the application process was clear and easy, and you weren’t put off at the first hurdle. 

I came across the position advertised by Opsview on Jobvite. The placement highlighted the opportunity to get immersed into the broad range of marketing tasks involved in a successful and ambitious software company. The job advert also emphasised the link between marketing, sales, and finance. These were specific areas that I was keen to be exposed to. 

I was particularly interested in Opsview because it was a small company, but one that had continued to grow over the years. This meant that I would be able to get insight into the various areas of the business, working alongside experienced senior managers. In addition, there was a clear focus on the development of both the company and individuals, with a particular concentration on teamwork. 

After completing my application, I had a phone call with the recruitment department. We discussed the key aspects of the marketing role and I was given the opportunity to ask any questions. Since Opsview is located on the Reading University campus, I was invited to have a chat at the office. This involved talking through my CV, outlining previous experience and talking about my university courses in more detail. 

I was then fortunate enough to be invited back for a final interview with the Vice President of Marketing. During this interview, I was asked more about what I wanted to get out of the internship, and whether there were any particular areas I wanted to get involved in or any specific skills that I wanted to develop. It was clear that the successful intern would be able to tailor some aspects of the placement to suit their interests, something that was not offered in a number of other placements. 

Overall, the interview experience was relatively relaxed. I was able to get a feel for the friendly nature of the company and how much employees are valued. In addition, the initial feedback was quick and I was continually updated with the progress of my application. 

I’m currently in the first two weeks of my internship, and despite having continual information and numerous technical terms thrown my way, I definitely have a lot of valuable experience to look forward to with an exciting, dynamic Global Software Company!

If this sounds like the type of work environment you'd like to be a part of, be sure to check out our available jobs on our Careers page and stay tuned for another blog this week that will provide a six-week reflection from one of our recently hired U.S. interns! 


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by Freya Ballan-Whitfield,

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