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A Reflection On Six Weeks As A Marketing Intern

When I began the job search for my second internship, I had a good idea of what I was looking for. While my first position was a wonderful learning experience, it mainly consisted of typical intern duties. I became all too familiar with filing paperwork, creating Excel sheets, and updating Salesforce accounts. It was a great starting point, but I knew I wanted more from my next internship experience. While job hunting, I came across the Opsview Marketing internship opening and it immediately caught my interest.

As a business administration and marketing major, I am not completely versed with all current IT technologies. Beyond the basic Office applications, my entire tech background, including all CRM and CSM tools, was self-taught before I even selected my major. I built my own computer from the ground up in high school and have been running multiple virtual machines on my PC for years. But Opsview has offered more than just a brief surface introduction to marketing for IT monitoring solutions– it has provided a comprehensive deep-dive into marketing in 2016.

I appeared my first day in business casual attire (little did I know how much more emphasis was on the “casual” aspect) preparing to be grilled and prodded, but was instead introduced to a small, friendly and engaging team. In my first few days at Opsview, I received more information than I could fully digest, and in my first week, I had over a dozen meetings covering everything from open source to the different services Opsview offers. In that very first week, I learned more than I had in an entire year at my previous position. 

One of the unique aspects of Opsview is the hands-off approach to employees. Without micromanaging, I’ve been given direction but also room to grow. Even as an intern, I am treated like any other member of the team. On my first day, when addressing company policies and procedures with our office manager, I was told that I was going to be sent to the UK within my first month! The trip was not only an incredible experience, but also one that was envied by all my peers and family. It was truly an incredible gift that I don’t believe I would’ve been able to experience anywhere else.

As the Marketing Intern in the United States, my  various responsibilities encompass a wide range of customer engagement and strategy-building activities, including website updates/additions, social media efforts, and creating email content creation. One of my major tasks also includes coordinating and analyzing the 2016 Sysadmin survey, a questionnaire that will provide Opsview with answers for how to better satisfy our customers and increase engagement.  

In my first six weeks at Opsview, I have already been sent on a global expedition, learned an incredible amount about digital marketing, and been taught many new applications. I am beyond excited to see where the next 10 weeks bring me! 

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by Julia Belkin,

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