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Life As A Marketing Intern At Opsview

Freya joined us in June 2016 as a Marketing Intern – find out how she found the recruitment process, what life is like at Opsview and some great tips on finding your own placement.

Tell us about yourself – What are you studying? What do you get up to outside of University?

I am studying BSc Marketing and Consumer Behaviour at Reading University. I am a keen sportsperson and play on my university hockey team. Outside of the office, I’ll either be playing sports, planning my next traveling adventure or running my baking business. 

How did you decide on what sort of placement you wanted to do?

Before starting at Reading University, I knew I wanted to undertake a placement year, as it would be extremely valuable in terms of being able to gain practical experience and improve future employability aspects. As my course is predominantly marketing based, a marketing placement was the obvious choice. I originally looked at placements offered by large, multinational companies. However, it became clear that a smaller company would offer me a broader insight into marketing, as well as business as a whole, which was something that was of particular interest to me.

How did you prepare yourself for the search for a placement?

The initial preparation involved getting my CV updated. This comprised of a meeting with the University Careers Advisor and countless edits/revisions to my CV. Once this was sorted, I made a list of all the companies I wanted to apply to and the application deadlines. I had industrial placement sessions included in my university course, so we were given general application and interview advice, as well as a run through of the online tests. 

How did you find the role at Opsview?

I came across the role advertised by Opsview on Jobvite, a recruitment website. I also used websites such as Rate My Placement to find various opportunities. 

What was the interview process like?

After completing my application, I had a phone call with the recruitment department. We discussed the key aspects of the marketing role and I was given the opportunity to ask questions. This chat was quite informal and was targeted towards checking whether this role was right for me and included the aspects of a placement that I was specifically looking for. 

I was then invited to have a chat at the office with the Marketing Manager. This involved talking through my CV, outlining previous experience and talking about my university course and modules in more detail.

Finally, I was invited back for an interview with the Vice President of Marketing. During this interview, I was asked more about what I wanted to get out of the internship, and whether there were any particular areas I wanted to get involved in or any specific skills that I wanted to develop.

Overall, the interview experience was relatively relaxed, initial feedback was quick and I was continually updated with the progress of my application.

You’ve been at Opsview a little while now – What is your role like? What responsibilities do you have?

My role is really varied, I get the chance to be involved in a number of different tasks and I am constantly learning new skills. I have a range of different responsibilities including blogging, creating content, online adverts, video editing, building web pages and Photoshop work. I’m also responsible for the weekly key performance indicators. This involves looking at the previous week’s performance involving sales, registrations, website traffic, SEO and then producing a report for the weekly meetings. 

Do you have any tips to help people who are looking for their 2017 industrial placement?

-Practice online tests. This wasn’t relevant for Opsview, but in a lot of cases you’ll have to complete numerical, verbal reasoning and aptitude tests which are almost impossible if you haven’t looked at the format before. 
- Research the company before any interviews take place. Interviewers will ask you questions about your understanding of the company, not just about you/why you want to work there.
- Make a list of the questions asked on application forms/interviews and keep a record of your answers. This way, applications become quicker the more you complete because many questions will be repeated. 

We are recruiting for our 2017 Marketing Intern right now and we have plenty of other industrial placement opportunities available

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