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6 Weeks in the Life of a Marketing Intern

Being an Accounting and Finance Student at the University of Bath and having only studied one marketing module to date, it seemed a strange choice of role for an industrial placement. At first I was busy applying for finance placements at investment banks and hedge funds, looking at the possibility of spending a year on the trading floor. I imagined myself plunged in to the real life ‘Wolf of Wall Street’, stood alongside the Dicaprios and Mcconaugheys of London, screaming down the phone at potential clients, only to be told on interviews that I’d be doing admin, admin and more admin…

It was then that I saw the marketing position advertised by Opsview. Initially I thought that a Marketing Internship was hardly relevant to my studies, before I delved in a little closer and realized this was a unique opportunity to get hands on digital-marketing experience in a highly ambitious software firm. On interview my manager-to-be spoke passionately about the company, and enlightened me to the importance of a successful marketing team within any business, as well as the overlap with the sales and finance teams. This was a chance for me to experience all sectors of a business and gain real life experience that would be incredibly valuable in the future.

Being a naive student, I immediately thought: Marketing - 'people in their mid-20s ruthlessly working towards producing bold colorful ads for their latest industry magazine’. However, Opsview being a very techie software company meant my initial expectations were somewhat exaggerated. As I wondered over to the marketing team, I was not met by what I thought would be a Madison Avenue-esque group of stylish women and men, no.

In fact, sat before me were four bearded blokes in their late 20s wearing jeans and T’s, sipping their black coffees and staring intensively at Excel spreadsheets, while I stood there in my suit trousers, M&S own brand shirt and smart tie for the big day – so much for the business dress code.

Despite being an Intern, there was certainly not a process of steadily breaking me in. Yes, there were a few insightful introduction lectures from the various team managers, but I was well and truly thrown straight in to it. I was happy to get immediately involved, and enjoyed the responsibility of having a large say in Opsview’s marketing strategy straight from day one.

Being primarily an IT Monitoring company, Opsview operates in a fairly niche market, meaning the segmentation, targeting and positioning of our potential clients is a vital business function. One of my fundamental tasks at Opsview is to analyze the week by week performance of our digital marketing strategy by implementing a Key Performance Indicator culture. I record data including website and social media visits, a vast range of audience demographics, content downloads, product activations, as well as our spend on Search Engine AdWords, all of which are presented to the team on a weekly basis. Alongside this, I am highly involved in our Search Engine Optimization, content production and sales analysis, all with the aim of locating as many potential leads for our Sales team as possible. It’s fair to say Marketing can be very analytical! But enough about that…

Not only was I seeking to gain valuable work experience from my year out, I wanted it to be a memorable one. I hope to look back and say I really enjoyed my placement year, and I predict this will most definitely be the case at Opsview. The team has been incredibly friendly and welcoming, taking me out for a few beers at the local whilst my American colleague - trying to fit in with the English culture - nursed a Pimms in the sunshine. Within two weeks into the job I was taking part in my first company social, a few team building exercises before a BBQ and one or two beers (a recurring theme within any Opsview social) by the lake. The office hosts regular Wii and beer (I told you...) socials, and fortnightly lunches where everyone always gets involved. Its fine though as I’m able to burn it all off with a regular game of 5-aside with the team, before going to the pub for a…. I won’t bother.

Six weeks into the job, it is safe to say I’m really enjoying it, although still struggling to keep up with all the tech lingo that is thrown around by the product engineers. I couldn’t recommend Opsview highly enough, and if you’re looking at exploring a career within an ambitious, fast growing Global Software Company, I urge you to take a look at our careers page and get in touch with our recruitment team.

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