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Free Monitoring Solutions: No Throat to Choke
Seems obvious, but one of the greatest drawbacks of free monitoring solutions is that you (mostly) need to support them internally.
Free Monitoring Solutions: Hard to Scale
Enterprise hybrid IT estates can have tens of thousands of hosts. That's not the most important aspect in determining monitoring performance...
Visibility Blog Post
IT teams are under pressure to do more with less, start digital transformation projects, support business services - but they shouldn't forget the...
Free Monitoring Solutions: Trouble Swallowing
Time is money. And lost time is lost opportunity. So it's a good thing when monitoring helps you do things fast, fast, fast, with minimal errors.
Evolution of Software and Observability
“Batteries included” programming languages let coders do several important things.
Free Monitoring Solutions: Hostage Situation
Learning how to use your free monitoring system efficiently; to scope out problems, and triage and solve them quickly puts huge pressure on IT...
Free Monitoring Solutions: Visibility, Cloudy
Effective monitoring requires the ability to visualize information: first, to highlight issues; then, to illuminate root causes.
Free Monitoring Solutions: Limited Insight
Free monitoring solutions require more coding, more expertise and more manual steps before you can feel confident that basic monitoring is working...
Free Monitoring Solutions: Even Simple Stuff is Hard to Monitor
Foregoing monitoring tool updates to ensure continuous solution availability is a bad strategy. The security of your solution will gradually erode.
Free Monitoring Solutions: Special Snowflakes
If your free monitoring solution confabulation works, congratulations! You've created a "special snowflake." One that you now need to validate,...
After all these years, and after all these high-profile IT outages, organizations do not review their software tools to see if they're fit for...
Free Monitoring Solutions: Hard to Deploy and Manage
Free monitoring solutions can be hard to deploy, configure, and lifecycle-manager in production. What does this mean, exactly?
Nagios vs the competion
Every enterprise organization has a unique set of priorities and requirements surrounding the monitoring of its infrastructure.
Evolution of Software and Observability
Software is eating the world in part because it leverages and enables powerful methods for automating tasks without re-inventing the wheel.
A new architecture lets Opsview Monitor 6.0 scale to millions of service checks
Opsview 6's new architecture dramatically enhances performance, scalability, and resilience while preserving 100% Nagios® plugin compatibility.
A new architecture lets Opsview Monitor 6.0 scale to millions of service checks monitoring architecture capabilities, improved scale and performance, and...
Microservices let Opsview Monitor 6.0 handle tens of thousands of hosts and millions of service checks
Opsview Monitor 6 breaks scale benchmarks -- up to 50,000 hosts and over 1 million service checks on a six-node cluster.
DevOps is about accelerating delivery of new products and services at scale, reliably and affordably. Doing this requires comprehensive IT operations...
Don't Monitor Yourself into a Madhouse 2
Done right, IT monitoring provides clarity and promotes operational effectiveness. Done wrong, it can make your staff crazy and limit business growth...
Part one of a series objectively examining important topics in contemporary data center monitoring, including observability, automation, and cost...