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How to Benefit from AWS Application Monitoring

Despite all the benefits of cloud monitoring, there will be times when cloud applications aren’t performing as expected. From slow-running networks to database issues, it is important to be fully aware when these problems arise rather than end users being the one to bring up performance issues.  AWS monitoring tools play an important role by efficiently collecting data on application performance. However, it can be difficult to pinpoint the AWS capabilities that will make both an immediate, long-lasting impact on your environment. Let’s look at the most commonly utilized benefits of AWS application monitoring and how they provide added value to your business. 

AWS Application Monitoring

Leverage a better user experience

Monitoring vendors are always quick to point out how their solutions offer a simple, intuitive user experience. However, the only way to really leverage AWS application monitoring is by understanding the end results of optimal performance. With advantages such as faster page load time and automatic report generation, you quickly gain insights surrounding your cloud environment and with full scale monitoring of your applications, it becomes much easier to identify performance bottlenecks. By operating more efficiently through a clean UI, you can naturally leverage the user experience provided by a monitoring solution, rather than stare at a nice-looking screen all day with no value to show for it. 

Improved cost-performance ratio 

Mastering the balance between performance levels and the cost it requires to keep applications running at an optimal level should be a top priority for any IT organization. By strategically improving different areas of performance (i.e. network, storage, etc.), you can experience benefits, such as faster boot times all while reducing costs, which is one of the main reasons why businesses are inclined to move to the cloud in the first place. It may take a substantial initial investment to set up a fine-tuned cloud environment, but the right monitoring solution will both oversee AWS applications in detail and make it simple to put your findings into action as you work to proactively resolve issues. 

Optimize for what matters 

One of the key factors in benefiting from AWS application monitoring is optimizing for what matters. Optimizing against performance goals and important use cases with your infrastructure are key in ensuring you’re not wasting valuable resources on meaningless tasks. For example, if an environment is experiencing rapid growth and needs to go through storage procedures, there is no reason to provide equal attention to old data queries if they aren’t up-to-date with the current operational status of your systems. Optimizing performance by placing greater focus on your most commonly used applications will have a direct impact on your business. We would never recommend ignoring certain areas with your infrastructure, but having full understanding of how to monitor your application workload and its most crucial elements will result in more direct benefits. 

Build a greater strategy around Amazon CloudWatch monitoring

People who are already fully invested in AWS monitoring know the essential aspects of CloudWatch. By monitoring AWS resources and your applications in real-time, CloudWatch compiles and tracks system metrics that provide insight into the operational efficiency of your resources and applications. Yet despite the advantages of being an agentless platform, CloudWatch does have a few limitations that make it difficult to rely upon for standalone monitoring. By building a greater monitoring strategy around all the vital metrics contained within CloudWatch, you’ll gain complete visibility into your AWS environment and the status of any running applications. 

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