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Opsview WSLTools provides utilities for Windows Subsystem for Linux

Opsview WSLTools Beta is a go!


If you’re just here for the download, it’s here:
New! - Version 0.11.9 Beta


Get involved

Opsview WSLTools Community Slack Channel:

More about the release

Opsview WSLTools is released as a public beta. The purpose of Opsview WSLTools is to be a unique monitoring and management interface for Microsoft's Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). It is designed to empower developers and Windows administrators with a visual and intuitive way of working with WSL. The program unifies a multitude of disparate tasks in an elegant, graphical interface, many of which do not currently have a GUI at all.

WSLTools is released as a community tool, free of charge. It should be a task-simplifying, fun and easy way to engage with WSL. It features:

  • Detect WSL state, and offer to automatically enable it
  • Detect distributions installed from the Microsoft store (currently Ubuntu 18.04 is not yet available)
  • Manage distributions from a single pane of glass, including
    • Launch
    • Visually identify current Default distro and unconfigured distros
    • Reset a distro to factory defaults (without uninstall/reinstall)
    • Uninstall distro completely
    • Install new distro
  • Process viewer to view current processes running within a distribution
  • Services viewer to see current state of services running within a distribution

There are plenty of known bugs, but none that should make your system unstable (only the app itself). Certain parts of WSLTools are not completely dynamic (yet). So, for example, after configuring an unconfigured, newly installed distribution, the application will need to be exited and restarted before seeing it as configured and running.

Opsview is continuing development on WSLTools on a daily basis. We’re actively seeking community feedback and potentially community involvement in the project, as well.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you and really hope you enjoy the initial release of Opsview WSLTools.

Minimum Windows version: Windows 10, April 2018 Update, 17134

Unify the monitoring and managing of Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

Designed for developers and Windows administrators
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by Bill Bauman,
Head of Innovation and Strategy
My love for computers and technology started over 20 years ago. I found myself in a processor development lab. That was the catalyst for a whirlwind of technology related opportunities. I fixed broken servers at customer locations, designed complex systems, traveled the world talking about virtualization and system performance, helped build a public cloud program, and started telling the story of it all. I love how technology and humanity come together. I work to redefine what we consider system monitoring. I work with some really smart people on strategic direction here at Opsview. It's not just product, it's innovation. I think we're a little different here. A lot of us work in multifunctional roles, myself included. It's intense and it's fun. If you ever want to talk emerging technologies or the future of technology, I love a good conversation. I also love cycling, travel and hemp milk lattes. I call the world home, but most of my bikes live in Portland, Oregon, USA.

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