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Opsview Atom is perfect for small IT environments, providing reliable automated monitoring and the comprehensive coverage needed to improve operational efficiency. Opsview Atom works well for teams who need to monitor up to 25 hosts, but with less capability than is available with an Opsview Monitor Pro subscription. Pro offers the ability to monitor up to 300 hosts, unlimited service checks, expert technical support, and optional add-ons like Reporting, Scalability and Network Analyzer. The table below outlines the differences between Opsview Atom and Pro. 

Atom vs Pro 

Features Atom Pro
25 Up to 300
Service checks
Limited Unlimited
Business Service Monitoring
Process maps
Secure encryption
Historical data storage
Service desk connector
SNMP / WMI / Agents
Opsview Monitor Mobile
24/7 support
Network analyzer
Technical support

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What's a Host?

A Host is a monitored system in a physical environment such as a router, switch, firewall, storage device or server. For a virtualized environment, Hosts would also include each Virtual Machine with a unique IP address. For example, if you had one server running ESXi, which hosted 5 Virtual Machines, your total Host count would be 6 (1 for the ESXi server and 5 Virtual Machines). Conversely, if you had a switch with 48 interfaces, this would still represent one host.
Linux monitoring dashboard
Linux dashlet

Why Try Opsview Monitor?

You may decide Opsview Atom is the right fit for your environment. However, if you need to monitor more than 25 hosts, our free Opsview Monitor Trial is fully featured and lets you try enterprise level monitoring for 30 days. Trials can be installed and activated within minutes, using either our auto-install method (a script which runs on your server) or virtual appliance for those wanting to start monitoring even faster.

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The Perfect Nagios Replacement  

Opsview Monitor is fully compatible with thousands of Nagios plugins. We make migrating easy with our extensive online resources and technical documentation.   

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We've Got You Covered 

Monitor your infrastructure and applications, running on-premise or in the cloud, all within a single product. Opsview Monitor works with a wide range of Opspacks, pre-configured host templates and integrations.

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