Slack Integration Overview

Slack's real-time messaging, archiving, and search for modern day teams allows organizations to bring all of their communication into one easily navigatable place. From notification compatibility to a seamless alert-messaging, our Opsview integration adds on to the increased productivity levels that result from using this popularized team communication tool. 

slack 1.png

Slack use with Opsview Monitor Integration

How does it work?

Slack allows for team communication by creating open or private channels and you can easily add your channel to Opsview and begin sending detail alerts to your customized channel. For example, an 'Operations team' can have a chat room, where alerts from Opsview are sent. From there, they can discuss and view Notifications in the same forum as opposed to a standalone email. Since Opsview and Slack can easily integrate with a few quick steps, it won't take long to enjoy an organized gathering of notifications that will surely make your life easier. 

For information on how to set up Slack in Opsview Monitor, head over to our Knowledge Center