HipChat Integration Overview

HipChat is a Web service for internal chat and instant messaging. As well as one-on-one and group/topic chat, it also features cloud-based file storage, video calling, searchable message history and inline image viewing. Opsview's integration with HipChat allows users to truly super-charge their real-time collaboration efforts and take advantage of the exceptional hosted group chat/video chat capabilities that HipChat has to offer. 


hipchat 1.png

HipChat integration in Opsview

How does it work?

Hipchat and Opsview can easily be set up within a few quick steps.  The Opsview integration allows for easy access into Hipchat’s “chatroom”. This allows  your IT team to create various rooms for issues that are most important to them or their particular responsibility. This means that an 'Operations team' can have a chat room, where alerts from Opsview are sent. From there, they can discuss and view notifications in the same forum, as opposed to a standalone email. 

HipChat integration in Opsview

An example of a Hipchat room screen with Opsview set up 

For more information on how to set up Hipchat in Opsview Monitor, head over to our Knowledge Center