Process Maps

Process Maps is a Dashlet that allows you to upload an image to Opsview Monitor and overlay the monitored data onto that image. This data includes Hashtags, Host Groups, Hosts, Services and more. This gives you the ability to monitor your infrastructure in the context you prefer.

See More Than Just Software

With Opsview Monitor’s Process Maps, you can easily upload images, such as a data center layout schema or cabinet rack, then overlay the throughput of network devices with any data you like. This could include temperature readings, humidity, power draw, and more.

Server Rack Alert

Identify and Resolve Faster Issues

Process Maps is a great way to visualize where the issues are in your infrastructure, so you can identify and resolve them faster and more efficiently.

Monitoring in Context

Whether it is a floorplan, Visio diagram, image of server racks, or a geographic map, it’s all customizable to deliver more context to your monitoring.

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