Opsview Watchdog

Opsview Watchdog is a feature of the Opsview Monitor architecture which constantly monitors the internal processes and components of the software. If a process stops running for whatever reason, Opsview Watchdog will automatically restart it so you continue monitoring.

Watchdog is versatile

Opsview Watchdog is highly flexible, and can be configured for various scenarios, i.e., restarting Opsview Monitor processes which might be impacted by system memory issues. 

Self-Repairing and Self-Monitoring

Opsview Monitor not only monitors itself, but fixes itself. Opsview Watchdog provides monitoring of performance and stability for individual processes and auto restarts any process that has failed, significantly improving system stability. 

Time Efficient

With Opsview Watchdog, your system will self-correct and respond to internal issues automatically, leaving you more time to focus on high-priority tasks.

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