Opsview’s many integrations ensure that Opsview Monitor works efficiently and correctly with the most popular service desk, automation and notification tools. Opsview integrations allows you to automate ticketing, system deployment, notifications and more, making your overall IT operations solution as effective as possible. 


Opsview Monitor integrates out of the box with nearly 20 other software tools, such as Slack, Puppet, Chef, VictorOps, PagerDuty, Hipchat, Twilio and more. 

Automated Ticketing

Opsview Monitor is able to easily integrate with your service desk. Instead of manually raising an incident for every issue Opsview Monitor finds, tickets are raised automatically when errors arise, saving you time.

Easy Management

Opsview Monitor Integrations allows you to have your configuration management tool automatically add hosts into Opsview Monitor as they are provisioned. Further, all notifications regarding those hosts can be sent to specific Slack rooms, or to specific users via PagerDuty, VictorOps or OnPage – all via the UI. 

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