High Availability

Opsview Monitor High-Availability (HA) provides a more resilient master server by allowing failover to a secondary site in the event of a hardware or software failure. In the event of a failure, the passive server will take the full identity of the primary master server and support monitoring, alerting, reporting, and data aggregation responsibility.

No Manual Intervention Needed

High Availability is completely automated, meaning no intervention necessary. The failover/switchover is an automatic, seamless process that ensures Opsview Monitor data collection continuity and is completely transparent to the end user.

No Downtime- No Problem

Opsview HA is a necessary capability for clients who cannot experience any downtime. With the Opsview Monitor back-up system, you are protected in case of a system error or failure. 

No Data Loss

With Opsview Monitor master-slave architecture, slave systems continue to collect data while the HA failover occurs, ensuring no loss of data.

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