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Slicehost Monitoring

Requires Opsview Cloud or Opsview Monitor 6
Opsview Supported

Slicehost Opspack

Slicehost is a cloud computing product and service billed on a utility computing basis from the US-based company Rackspace. Offerings include web application hosting or platform as a service ("Cloud Sites"), cloud storage ("Cloud Files"), virtual private server ("Cloud Servers"), load balancers, databases, backup and monitoring.

Service Checks

Service Check Description
Slicehost Bandwidth Monitors bandwidth information of a single slice
Slicehost Status Monitors status of a single slice

Setup and Configuration

To configure and utilize this Opspack, you simply need to add the 'Service Provider - Slicehost' Opspack to your Opsview Monitor system.

Step 1: Add the host template

Add Slicehost Host Template

Step 2: Add and configure variables required for this host

Add Slicehost Variables

Step 3: Reload and the system will now be monitored

Slicehost Service Checks