Platform Integrations

Integrate Opsview Cloud with IT Ops Management, Issue Tracking, Notifications, Collaboration, and IT Automation

Opsview Cloud integrates with a host of platforms and tools to make IT more agile and insightful, improve team productivity, and manage scale. Most current integrations are built into Opsview Cloud and customers receive Opsview support. Free Plan users can access community support via our Slack channel.

Notification methods

These let Opsview automatically raise and update tickets, transmit notifications into shared chat channels, alert mobile users, and feed into sophisticated escalation and response processing systems. These integrations keep IT operators in the loop wherever they are, and let them work in familiar, powerful environments promoting fast issue resolution, SLO/SLA compliance, and process optimization.

Automation modules

Code modules for automation frameworks like Ansible and Puppet, enabling programmatic configuration of Opsview via its REST API. Deploy complex systems and configure monitoring for them in one pass.

Service desk connectors

Integrations with Service Desk solutions may require installation of Opsview's Service Desk Connector module.


These use Opsview's Results Exporter framework to make rich event information available to syslog servers, analytics and visualization platforms, Security Information and Event Management platforms, and other tools.