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SNMP Traps

Opsview Monitor supports SNMP traps, allowing alerts sent by devices on a network to be captured and presented to the IT team so the appropriate action can be taken. Providing this immediate communication helps the IT team ensure that business services are up and working. 

Able To Respond Faster

With SNMP, you are able to receive information in real time about what is going on with the devices in your network. This is particularly useful on large networks as it can be used in place of active SNMP (where a device is polled for status information). 

Personal Configuration

Devices can usually be configured to send specific types of trap such as link status changes, BGP, HSRP and many others, making this a flexible monitoring option capable of running on 99.9% of network devices such as Cisco, Juniper, Dell, HP and more.

Reduce Network and Server Load

By using SNMP traps, you will be able to reduce your network and server load and provide faster service to your customers. 

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