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Security Wallet

Opsview Monitor helps you monitor securely by encrypting database connections, communication between slave and master servers, login details and credentials needed to monitor certain hosts. Opsview Monitor’s Security Wallet specifically focuses on the login and credentials encryption, while Opsview Monitor SSL secures connections and communications.

What makes Opsview Monitor different?

Security Wallet Column 1

No More Plain-text

With many different monitoring systems electing to use plain-text passwords, security for monitoring systems is becoming more of a concern. Security Wallet locks down all your infrastructure within a military grade encryption and does away with the need for plain-text passwords.

Security Wallet Column 2

Keep Your Infrastructure Secure

The Security Wallet encrypts items such as Windows username/password WMI details, SNMPv3 credentials, VMware authentication details and more using AES256-bit encryption. Security Wallet provides you peace of mind that if the server becomes compromised, your secure data won’t be.

Security Wallet Column 3

Central Security

Security Wallet avoids the storing of external systems passwords in the file system and database. For further protection, Opsview Monitor will not display any passwords and it will not be possible to retrieve any passwords once they have been set.