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Process Maps

Process Map Example 1

This Dashlet allows you to upload an image to Opsview and overlay the monitored data onto the image. This data includes:

  • Hashtags
  • Host Groups
  • Hosts
  • Services
  • Performance Metrics

Example usage #1

You could upload an image of a rack, for example, and create a 'live status' map of the rack using the health of the monitored Hosts that are within the rack, as to the right:

As you can see, on top of the picture, various metrics have been added to reflect the health and performance of the objects within the rack. This allows you to not only see 'datashelf1 is down', but where that is within a given rack ' thus reducing the time-to-resolution, should it need physical intervention.

Process Map Example 2

Example usage #2

You can use a Hashtag per data center/office, and using a map of the country, you can then see the health of each location based on objects within the given Hashtags:


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Creating a Process Map Dashboard

Use Process Maps to Visualize Your Monitoring

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