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Opsview Monitor contain a wide range of Opspacks that include pre-configured host templates and API's. We support over 3500 plugins, service checks and much more. This makes it easy to monitor everything from Docker and VMware to Apache, Amazon Web Services, Hyper-V and many more technologies. 

Easily Shared

Opspacks can easily be created, exported, and shared. We are constantly adding new Opspacks to give your monitoring system the ability to check everything within your environment.

Create Your Own

You can also create your own Opspacks, share them and re-install them to fit your own needs. With new technologies emerging every day, the flexibility of Opsview Monitor makes it easy to produce an Opspack for any kind of technology.

Opspack Marketplace

All of our Opspacks in one place. Easily explore, source and share the latest integrations to manage any technology or service. 

Opspack Marketplace

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