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Network Analyzer

Flow Collector Diagram

Flow Collector Module

This section explains the concept of the Opsview Flow Collector Module; including what NetFlow, sFlow and jFlow data are, how it is sent back into Opsview Monitor, and finally how the gathered data can be interpreted and analyzed.

Opsview's Flow Collector Module is included for Opsview Monitor Enterprise, Opsview Cloud, and Opsview Monitor MSP customers. It is an add-on module for Opsview Monitor SMB. This module enables the collection and analysis of flow-enabled network devices, such as NetFlow from Cisco routers, sFlow from HP Switches and more.

The main benefit of flow protocols such as NetFlow and sFlow is that they allow you to look 'inside' the connection to see not only 'That link is 95% utilized', but to understand WHY. For example, is a user downloading large files continuously or is a router misconfigured?

Flow Module currently supports the three main flow protocols:

This package provides means for Opsview's Web Interface to get NetFlow, sFlow, and jFlow data. It processes the data and pushes messages onto the message queues to be stored in the database via results-flow. The various dashlets send a command via the Orchestrator API to the relevant Collector where the flow data is being stored to get Top 10 Host and Port, Transmitters, and Receivers information. Results flow stores data which dashlets use to show sources summary and sources history.

NetAudit Module

An extra module that is installed as part of the Network Analyzer, the NetAudit section allows you to view and compare backups of network device configuration, or to see if any configuration changes have been made. This is also a great place to securely back up your configs.

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